what is text giving?

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Text giving is hands down the easiest and most secure way to give. If you can send a text message, you can give to support our church!

90% of the world's population can send and receive text messages, with most being read within a few seconds of receiving. Text giving provides our church an opportunity to give that matches their lifestyle and mode of communication. This isn't connected to your phone carrier. You give directly from your credit or debit card. Ready to try it? Just follow these steps:

  1. Text the amount you would like to give to 757-330-4008. 
  2. If this is your first time using text giving, you will receive a link to a secure website.
  3. Click the link and enter your credit/debit card information. At this point, your gift will process.
  4. You will receive a confirmation text showing your gift and registration were successful.
  5. In the future, simply text the amount you would like to give to 757-330-4008, and you're finished.

This is a simple, easy way to practice generosity at Vertical Church. Here are a few more tips for text giving:

  • If you only text a dollar amount, your gift will be attributed to our general offering fund.
  • You can designate your text giving by texting the amount + fund name (Ex. 50 Missions). Your giving will be attributed to that fund.
  • If they fund name you texted does not match, you will receive a message with a list of funds for you to choose from. Respond with the correlating fund name.
  • If you text "Help" you will receive a reply text that states: "To give enter the amount you want to give, such as 100. You can also give to a specific fund by typing it after your amount, such as 100 building fund." 
  • If you text "Reset" you will receive a reply text that states: "Saved card information successfully removed. Please register your card information again when making your next gift by text an amount to this number."