Holy Spirit resources

Who is the holy spirit, and why does he matter in your life?

These resources will help you gain a better understanding of the person and role of the Holy Spirit. Our prayer is that you will pursue a greater relationship with Him, allowing Him to empower you to display the love, grace, and power of God in every area of your life.

the holy spirit and _____

teaching series

Following our series, "The Person of the Holy Spirit" from the spring of 2022, this teaching series goes deeper into how the Holy Spirit helps us live empowered lives every day. Topics range from marriage and parenting to holiness and prayer. It's a great resource to take your relationship with the Holy Spirit into very practical areas.


The person of the holy spirit

Teaching series

Following the Gospels, Jesus made it clear that the Father would send the Holy Spirit. But many of us have a hard time grasping who the Holy Spirit is. What does He do? And how does that apply to me today? During this spring 2022 series, "The Person of the Holy Spirit," we take an in-depth look at the Holy Spirit and why all of us need a deeper relationship with Him.


wind and fire teaching series

The Holy Spirit is the promised gift of the Father to us. We know He is God, but what does He do? In "Wind & Fire," we explored the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives, spiritual gifts, and how we experience the Holy Spirit.