"Serving isn't what we want from you, it's what we want for you... 

it's not about what we have to do, but what we get to do."

We believe serving God and others is at the heart of what it means to follow Jesus. It's also a great way to connect with others who are serving with you to point those far from God to life in Jesus. Every week at Vertical Church God is changing lives. Behind every one of those are the faces of our team members. From helping guests find their seats and taking care of babies to operating lights and setting up the cafe, our teams make life-change happen. 

To volunteer with a team, simply:

Choose a team that interests you from the list below.

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Our teams are organized into the following areas:

(To see a variety of specific volunteer roles and a short description of each, click here.)


Passionate about seeing future generations filled with life in Christ? Then vC kids is just the place for you! We have an awesome kids' ministry that has a variety of opportunites for people to serve. Roles range from behind-the-scenes to interacting directly with children and teaching them about Jesus. From babies and crawlers to elementary, there's a spot just for you.


If you love people, VIP is the place to be. As a VIP member, you have the opportunity to greet attenders, help people find seats, or welcome first time guests at our VIP area. As a member of the VIP team, you have a unique opportunity to impact nearly every person who walks into Vertical Church. You often serve as the face of Vertical Church, so smiles are a must!


Are you a singer and/or musician? Want to help lead people into worship through music? Our worship team is dedicated to creating an environment that helps people encounter Jesus through music each week. 


If you want to help create environments to help others experience God on Sunday morning, then the portable church team is for you! We meet at 2:30pm on Sunday afternoon to set up all of our kids, lobby and auditorium areas. Tear down is just like set up, only in reverse. Volunteers stick around for a few minutes after our experience is over to pack up our equipment.


Production volunteers help create a smooth-running worship experience through sound, video and lighting. This area offers both technical and non-technical opportunities. So if you have a gifted ear for sound, some technical skills, or a willingness to work behind-the-scenes, then this is the spot for you. No experience is necessary. Training is provided.


Enjoy throwing parties and creating events that people will remember? Our Special Events team hosts several connect events and activities throughout the year. If you're outgoing, organized, and/or creative, this is a great spot to connect.


If you enjoy behind-the-scenes roles, this is the perfect fit for you. All administration opportunities are during the week, helping with administrative tasks and projects as they arise.