Small groups are Vertical Church's mid-week connection opportunity for people to meet together in a convenient location to grow, learn, have fun and build healthy new relationships. At Vertical, we put it like this: "We desire to see people in circles, not just rows." This is where we share stories, dreams, fears, laughter, and of course, often times food.

Our fall session kicks off on September 17. In addition to our continuing connect groups, we are offering 3 small group Bible studies to help you take the next step in your life with Jesus.

  • The Gospel of John – Led by Lynsey Hickman and Geneva Watson, this group centers around the Gospel of John. John’s gospel is full of details that are no accident. They are all designed to come together to help understand the reality of who Jesus is. Bring your Bible and come ready to study God’s word and learn more about who Jesus is and how we can spread His good news. This group meets on Tuesdays at 7pm in Chesapeake. Childcare is offered for a fee of $5 a week. 
  • Philippians – Led by Pastors Josh and Hope Butcher, Philippians offers insight into living a joyful life regardless of the circumstances. This group alternates weeks between men and women in order to help address childcare needs.  Group meets on Wednesdays at 7pm in Chesapeake.
  • James – Led by Pastor Kelly Owens , this group will help translate belief into action - making sure faith is the real thing. This is near the heart of James’ message. This is the kind of faith that matters. Learn how to live out a faith that makes a difference as you study the book of James. Group does not offer childcare.

Click below for more information about our groups and to sign up for the group of your choice.

F.A.Q. about Groups

What kind of groups do you offer?

Our desire is for you to connect with other people to grow relationships that will help everyone take their next step toward Jesus. To do that, we provide a variety of different kinds of groups. Some groups are centered around a Bible study or a particular book. Other groups help you grow those relationships around a shared interest, activity, or life-stage.

How often do groups meet?

Each group is different. Some groups meet every week, others meet every other week. We even have groups that meet just once a month! The group leader will keep everyone informed regarding meeting times and locations. 

How long do groups last?

Most groups typically last about 3 months. We do have a few groups that meet continually through the year.

How do I lead a group?

We're excited to see you step into the role of group leader at Vertical Church! Our groups are integral to the mission of our church. To begin stepping into this role, just fill out our volunteer application and select small groups. Our Connections Pastor will follow-up with you.