The next chapter

a note from our lead pastors

On Thursday, November 15, we received a call from our Regal Church representative informing us that we will no longer be able to rent the theater facility after November 25th. Shortly after that phone call, we reached out to Broadcast Church and they have graciously opened their facility to us beginning December 2nd. We will meet there on Sundays at 4pm while we continue to search for a more permanent location for our Sunday worship experiences. We are incredibly grateful for the friendship and kindness of Broadcast Church. We will continue pointing those far from God to life in Jesus and striving to break 200 in our average worship attendance. 

What can you do? 

First, show up on Sundays at 4pm at Broadcast Church for our regular weekly worship experience. There could be some small changes to our environments to accommodate the new venue. 

Second, keep inviting. We know Sunday at 4pm isn’t the time many people think about going to church, but God specializes in situations just like that. 

Third, stay connected. Over the next few weeks, we will be sending information out via email, Facebook, text, phone calls, face-to-face... every avenue possible. Lean in and stay engaged.

Last thing, serve. If you’re not serving on a Sunday, it’s time to step up. However, this also applies to serving during the week. We have quite a bit of equipment at Regal and will need help moving it out. When we send out the information, please let us know if you’re available.

While we didn’t see this coming, and it’s not something we would have chosen, we are fully confident that something great is about to happen. We are excited about what God is doing at Vertical Church. Better to stop a movement before it gets too much momentum. Too bad the enemy didn’t check what kind of church we are...

  • We risk the deep. We take aggressive steps of big faith, launching into deeper waters to see God move. We reject fear-based, small-minded thinking.
  • We bleed for this. Jesus gave everything for us, so we passionately give everything for Him.
  • We pray relentlessly. Prayer isn’t our last resort, it’s our first response.
  • We create lightbulb moments. We anticipate and make space for life-altering moments of radical transformation.
  • We never settle. Why settle for average when amazing is available?
  • We are better together. We believe there is always room for more at the table. Together, nothing is impossible.
  • We live to give. Our financial resources are God’s to be used as He desires.
  • We enjoy the journey. We are joyful, excited, energetic, and full of life.