2018 Christmas Offering

The Christmas Offering has been an annual tradition at Vertical Church for the last six years. We’ve been able to replace equipment, improve our media production, host special worship opportunities, help families in need, and even save a bit for a future location. Your faithfulness to go above and beyond your normal giving has made a huge impact in our community and beyond. 

This Christmas, we're going to do something truly amazing! 

Over the last several years, our church has come alongside the family of Shelli Carrington as she has battled stage 4 cancer. While we are still praying and believing for a miracle, the cancer has spread through her body. She is continuing treatments, but outside of divine intervention, her long-term prognosis is not positive. Recently, Shelli posted on Facebook that her biggest wish was to take her family on vacation to Walt Disney World.  After talking with her, we discovered that Javier, her youngest child, has never been on a vacation with his mom. 

This Christmas, we want to make that wish come true!

Not only do we want to give Shelli and her children a vacation, but we want to give them the trip of a lifetime. Our goal for the Christmas Offering 2018 is to send Shelli and her kids on an all-expense paid trip to Walt Disney World Resort. To cover all the costs of the trip, travel included, we’ve set a goal to raise $10,000. Any funds not used for the trip will go into a special college fund for Javier.

You may be wondering, “Doesn’t the church need these funds elsewhere?” Yes, we could use the Christmas Offering to purchase new equipment, market our church, or even put in savings for a future facility. However, we feel called to continue pouring into this family while we have the opportunity. This is what it looks like to live out our core values... to risk the deep, to live to give, and to believe that we really are better together. 

The 2018 Christmas Offering officially begins on December 16th. 

However, you can give anytime at the link below. Allow God to stretch your faith, and together, we’ll make Shelli’s dream come true.