living towards the target

Are you ready to see your home life hit the bullseye? Do you want to know how to cultivate God-centered relationships with your family? 

You may have missed the mark in the past, but now is the perfect time to draw your bow and aim for the center. God has given us specific instructions on how we interact with those most special to us. 

Arrows: Living Towards the Target begins Sunday, September 23.

Location and service times

Worship Experience Times: Sundays @ 10:00am

Sunday Location: Regal Cinemas, 600 Jarman Rd.


Our church is full of families of all shapes and sizes. We know it's not always easy to get everyone out the door to church, but we believe it is worth the effort. Every week, they (and you) should expect a combination of activities, games, worship, bible-based teaching, snacks, large and small groups all combined to make Sunday your child's new favorite day!

If you are planning to attend Vertical Church for the first time, you can pre-register your child by clicking the link below. It will allow you to get checked in faster and more smoothly.

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