vertical church has become

nooma church

sundays at 11am

1141 Executive Blvd.

Chesapeake, VA


what to expect

Join us this sunday!

Beginning in February, our gatherings will be centered around prayer and worship as we seek to create a home in our region for the presence of God to dwell.

  • Jesus taught us that new wine requires new wineskins. This change in our church family is a response to a divine calling to align ourselves more closely with our mission and purpose. 

  • During this season, which we are calling UpperRoom, we are fully immersing ourselves in prayer and worship, from the youngest to the oldest. We are temporarily pausing our regularly kids programming. We appreciate your understanding and invite families to join us in the main gatherings.

  • We are planning a number of ways to encourage everyone to actively engage in this season. From Sunday prayer and worship gatherings to dinner parties with friends to outreach opportunities, there will be numerous ways to connect during this special time.

  • Make sure you have the Church Center App! If you were connected to Vertical Church, you should automatically be connected to Nooma Church. You'll find details for special gatherings, community opportunities and regular updates. You can also follow Nooma Church on Facebook and Instagram for real-time announcements and to share your experience in our Nooma Church Friends and Family Facebook group.